1400+HP Supra

A 1400+HP Toyota Supra…running 50 pounds of boost…..and a full blown Supra Drag car..Horse Power to be determined..two very cool Cars…ck them out!!

1970 Plymouth Super Bird

The short-lived Plymouth Road Runner Superbird was a highly modified version of the Plymouth Road Runner with well known graphics and horn. It was the factory’s follow up stock car racing design for the 1970 season to the Dodge Charger Daytona of 1969, and incorporated many engineering changes and modifications (both minor and major) garnered from the Daytona’s season in competition on the track. The car’s primary rival was the Ford Torino Talladega, which in itself was a direct response to the Mopar aero car. It has also been speculated one major motivating factors in the production of the car was to lure Richard Petty back to Plymouth. Both of the Mopar aero cars famously featured a protruding, aerodynamic nosecone, a high-mounted rear wing and, in the case of the Superbird, the same horn which mimicked the Road Runner cartoon character.

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Canton Classic Car Museum Intro

I visited the Canton Classic Car Museum, in Canton Oh…I was able to shoot a few videos while I there…This is a introduction to that series…very cool…ck it out!!!!

Old Mercury Hot Rod

A very cool Old Mercury Street Rod…ck it out!!!

1987 5.0 Trans Am

A very nice…1987 5.0 H.O…T-top…Trans Am…very cool..ck it out!!!

1963 ZO-6 Corvette

A 1963 split window ZO-6 Corvette. The Z06 option included: brakes with finned drums, heavy duty suspension, trimmed fender lips, radio/heater delete, four-speed transmission, and positraction.

2003 Harley Davidson Low Rider

My friend John tells me about his wife’s 03 Harley Low Rider…nice Bike ck it out!!

2008 GT Mustang New Pads and Rotors

I have new EBS Break Pads and, Drilled and Slotted Rotors installed on my 2008 Mustang Gt.

1964 Studebaker Daytona

A very nice 1964 Studebaker Daytona..cool little car…ck it out!!

1969 427 Corvette

A Numbers matching 1969 427 Corvette…it’s the small one..but it as nice as you will find…ck it out!!

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