Concept One Pulley Systems "Drivers Series" Less Bling Same thing

Concept One Pulley Systems produces some of the best serpentine belt systems on the market...Today they are please to announce the same high quality you have come to expect from Concept One Pulley Systems...At a more affordable price...Less Bling......Same thing....In this video I interview Kevin Redd for the Concept One Pulley Systems Facebook page...Several fans of the have requested some "behind the scene" type of video...So this seemed like a perfect opportunity to shoot this video from the point of view...A overview perspective...Kevin explains that He noticed that there were a lot of people building cruiser...Or drive level type of builds with motor swaps..This type of client didn't seem to care as much about all the high polished billet as they did the bottom line...The drivers series Serpentine pulley system has had some of the high dollar finishes and billet parts replaced with more OEM level accessories and less expensive finishes on the parts....Kevin tells Me that no quality was sacrificed in this option...Only the look...We have the new Drivers Series front and center in this video....Looks good to Me....Check it out!!!
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