ScottieDTV Surpasses 50 Million Youtube Views

Scott Dupre owner and star of ScottieDTV has just announced that the YouTube Channel he started 5 years ago just had its 50 millionth video view.
Scott who features the "Coolest Cars on the Web " has seen his subscribers grow from 100-200 to an incredible 84500. With over 1500 videos on his site he has provided a wide array of videos, not just about cars, but anything cool.
His top videos feature cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and even go karts.
His travels have taken him to all parts of the country to create and feature videos that highlight the finest, fastest, and coolest vehicles he can find.
Now with all of Scottie's great videos available through his website,, it is even easier to travel the country with Scottie as he searches the country for the best of the best in motorized vehicles
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