2011 Super Snake

A 2011 Super Snake Mustang..Over 800 HP….from the factory…very cool….ck it out!!!

Custom 48 Pick Up

One of the coolest Street Rod Pick-Ups you will ever find..and the builder tells me all that has been done… Incredible…ck it out!!!

Video note: I apologize to Larry for miss pronouncing his last name..I get it right in the credit at the end of the video…Thanks so much Larry Griffey

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1954 Corvette Custom

I shot this 1954 Corvette when it first arrived at Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custom Interiors…here it is finished and a complete walk around from the owner…it is a very nice 1954 Corvette this has been lightly customized…very cool….this car will sell at Mecum Auction in Kissimmee FL on 1/28/12….ck it out!!

1998 GMC Sonoma “Green Goblin”

A full Custom 98 GMC Sonoma Pick up…The Green Goblin…may be the first 3-D Paint Job…very cool…ck it out!!!

1964 Corvette “Lydia”

A full Custom 1964 Corvette…absolutley one of the most Beautiful Cars you will ever see…I interview the builder and find out all that went into building this car…very cool…ck it out!!!

Charlie Roger

I interview the Promoter of the Cabin Fever Car Show in Knoxville, Tn it was shot 1/13/12…very interesting…ck it out!!!!

Chassis Platform B Rod or Custom

B-Rod or Custom will build you a Custom Platform for about any Car your building..just add Body…Motor,,,and Interior..and your Cruising…very cool…ck it out!!!

Intro B-Rod or Custom

I will be shooting some videos out at a local Hot Rod Shop…this is just a introduction to that series…


I interview the builder and one of the owners of “SpeedStar” A 33 Street Rod…very cool..ck it out!!!

54 Vette Part 1

This is the 1st part of series done at Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custome Interiors…this is number 760 of 3640 built this year..it’s a light custom 1954 Corvette..It is set to sell at Mecum Auction in Kissimmee Fl on 1/28/2011…here it is just coming into the shop..I will be cking back on it till it is done..and than we can see what it brings…very cool car…ck it out!!

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