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How To Install RideTech Coilover Upgrade Ford Mustang GT

In this video The Boy's down at Big Oak Garage install the RideTech Coilover upgrade to my 2008 Ford Mustang GT...It's a pretty straight forward exchange with the old stuff....It requires that you remove somethings and do a little grinding....They purposely used tools anyone should be able to handle and do in their garage in a few hours...Great how to video....Check it out!!!...Please Subscribe to this channel and Visit for more cool content!!!

How To Install RideTech CoilOver System 2008 Ford Mustang GT Front Struts

In this video I visit Big Oak Garage to have them install my new RideTech Coilover System...This is a upgrade to the stock 2008 Ford Mustang GT Suspension....It is a pretty straight forward install....They use a floor jack and some basic tools to get the job done...At the end..It looks very cool and handle's much better.
Very nice Convertion...Check it out!!....For more information on The Ridetech Coilover conversion kit please visit
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How To Quick Fix A Curbed Wheel Hudsons Rod And Custom

We have all done it....Pulling out of a parking lot....Trying to get close to a curb...Next thing you know....Couple hundred dollar wheel has a chunk missing out of it...It happened to Me a couple of weeks ago and Will Hudson with Hudsons Rod and Custom told me to stop by the shop and He would try to make it look better...I think he did a fantastic job...It's not good as new....But it is a lot better than it was...Check it out!!!...Please Subscribe to this channel and Visit The Coolest Cars On The Web!...For more cool content!!!

1968 Camaro "Reloaded" Detroit Speed Subframe Connector Install Video V8TV - Building a well handling car is all about the chassis. We've already put a Detroit Speed Coil Over conversion on our Camaro's front subframe and installed one of their Quadralink systems on the rear end. Now its time to connect the subframe and rear frame rails with a set of Detroit Speed Subframe Connectors that fit tightly to the Camaros underside.

1968 Camaro "Reloaded" Detroit Speed QUADRALink Install Video Pt. 1

(314) 783-8325 - This 1968 Camaro is being built to drive, both on city streets and the in occasional track-day event. To accomplish this, we decided to install a Detroit Speed QUADRALink rear suspension system on the Currie 9+ rear axle assembly. The QUADRALink is a highly adjustable 4-link system utilizing a panhard bar and adjustable coil-over shocks. This design eliminates the stock suspension's leaf spring wrap-up issues, and allows for more precise ride height adjustment and the quick spring rate changes coil-overs offer. The Currie 9+ axle assembly features a new fabricated housing, 3.50:1 gears, a Detroit Truetrac differential, 31 spline axles, and all new bearings and seals for a rock-solid foundation. All these parts will add up to a comfortable street machine that won't be unstable on the track. Part 1 of 2.

1969 Camaro "Lou's Change" Detroit Speed Deep Tub Install Video V8TV - 314.783.8325 - We wanted to run some big Forgeline wheels shod with Toyo Proxes R888 tires on the "Lou's Change" Camaro, but stock wheel tubs dictate the largest tire size on first generation Camaros. To gain more clearance, we installed a pair of Detroit Speed Deep Tubs while we had the body on the jig for repairs. When installed, these tubs retain a stock appearance, but they are significantly wider to accommodate wider wheels and tires to help put the power to the ground. Call the V8 Speed & Resto Shop today to order a set of Detroit Speed Deep Tubs or to have yours installed by our team.

Aerospace Components, "Kimmy's Garage" featuring Vacuum Pump System! More HP

"Kimmy's Garage" Aerospace Components Sucking HP Out of Thin Air! Overview of Vacuum Pump System.

Aerospace Components, New "Kimmy's Garage" video, featuring Pro Eliminator 2Speed PowerGlide Shifter

A new video to help the racers on how to use our,one handed Pro Eliminator Shifter.

How To Make A Custom Convertible Top

Over four days I follow Steve Holcomb of Pro Auto Custom Interiors to see what goes into making a custom convertible top...At the end..A lot of work...It amazing what this shop can do...Check it out!!!...Follow me for more awesome new videos weekly Mon-Fri!!

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How to carve a 3-D Pumpkin

My buddy Kenny over at 3-D Head Custom Paints is a Man of several of his talents is Pumpkin carving...I asked him to show me how it was do..of course he agreed...very cool video...check it out!

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