1954 Chopped Convertible Chevy

Jim wanted a challenge so decided to chop his 1954 Chevy Convertible…turned out really nice…ck it out!!!

Jeff puts white walls on Tony’s Shovel Head

Back in the day white walls and white letter tires were a must….some people still have to have them..Jeff adds them the one of Tony’s Harley’s..he can add anything to a tire…pretty cool…ck it out!!!

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Military Tribute Harley Davidson

A new Harley made to look like a old time Military Motorcycle..very cool!!!…ck it out!!!

1969/2004 Mach 1 Mustang

This car is a one of a kind combination of a 1969 Mach1 and a 2004 Mach1..it has been in several magazines now see it here on ScottieDTV!!!!

1969 427 Corvette

A very nice numbers matching 1969 427 Chevrolet Corvette..ck it out!!

1966 Ford F-100 451 Roush

Ed went with his Dad to buy this 1966 Ford F-100 new..and learned to drive on it..he has changed a few things over time…ck it out!!!

V-8 Volvo Station wangon

The ultimate sleeper…if you pulled up next to this car at a light..it would make you grin..a Volvo with a GM V-8 under the hood…

2010 SS RS Camaro

Talk about lucky this guy has a 2010 SS/RS Camaro and a 1967 to match..the 1ST gen and the 1st yr of the new gen Camaro..

68 Mustang GT Fastback

A real 1968 Mustang GT Fastback.. there are a lot of clones..but this one was born a GT Mustang….very nice car that survived a fire..ck it out!!!

1993 Mazda RX-7 V-8

A RX-7 with a surprise under the hood…very cool…ck it out!!!!

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