1993 Mazda RX-7 V-8

A RX-7 with a surprise under the hood…very cool…ck it out!!!!

Tennessee Tony’s SS Chopper

A very cool custom chopper, it has a SS chevelle or Camaro theme..ck it out!!!!

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1973 Camaro Z 28

A very nice 1973 Camaro Z-28, ck it out!!!

1963 Impala Super Sport

A very nice 1963 Impala Super Sport..ck it out!!!

Jeff Gold Plating a gear shift knob

“Old School”..back in the 90’s..lol..gold Plating things was popular…I have a buddy that still does it..It’s a pretty cool process…ck it out!!!

p.s if you want to see the bike this goes on..see Tennessee Tony’s chopper video I did.

55 Chevy Hot Rod

One clean 55 Chevy..and a Pretty Girl telling us about it…don’t miss either…ck it out!!!!

2005 PT Cruiser 5.7 Hemi

One cool Cruiser!!!….they did a really nice conversion..if not for the stickers that say Hemi..you would never know that it wasn’t stock..very cool..ck it out!!!!
p.s there is a part two ck it out!!

08 Mustang GT VS The Dragon US 129

The Dragon is an 11 mile stretch of US 129 that starts in Tennessee and turns 318 times before it ends in North Carolina. To put it mildly it is arguably the best stretch of road in North America. With it’s inspiring layout and excellent banking, the Dragon is a rare road that is an absolute blast to drive.Also we visit the Dam were the movie the Fugitive was filmed, Come ride along!!!

1995 Toyota Supra 1028 WHP

A 1995 Toyota Supra with 1028 WHP…over 900 WHP on E-85 bio fuel…very very cool car…ck it out!!!!

VIDEO UPDATE..Car now has a bigger Turbo..and is over 1200 HP

71 Nova Pro Touring

A 1971 Chevy Nova with 884 HP and Ostrich skin interior…CRAZY CAR!!!!!..and Leeman reminds me of Buford Pusser..great guy..both of them…..ck it out…Thanks

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