1955 Chevy shortened 18 inch

A crazy 1955 chevy that has had 18 inch cut out of it. You will only see it here

1969 RS 396 Camaro

A very nice 69 396 RS Camaro

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Tennesse Tony’s 52 Dodge Chop Top Johnny Cash Special

A Rat Rod inspired by the the Johnny Cash song one pice at a time, Tony used about ever American car manufactors parts to come up with the truck. Tony is one of th coolest people you will ever meet.

1964 Chevy II

About as clean of a 1964 Chevy II as you will see

1969 Mustang GT Clone

Bob showes us the car he has dreamed about since he was a kid, this is a clone but it could have been ordered this way in 1969..ENJOY!!

1955 chevy

Has to be one of the coolest 55 Chevy’s you will ever see…do not miss this one!!…ENJOY!!!

Eddie Radfords Blacked out 56 Chevy

A very nice Blacked out 56 Chevy

Mini Truck gold with flames

A very cool Chevy Mini Truck

1966 Red Fastback Mustang

Very nice 66 fastback..wait to you see what it took to make this one look like this. See what two high school teachers do on their free time.

1969 SS Camaro Nice Car!!!

A really nice 69 Camaro SS

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