It’s a reproduction but still a very cool car…ck it out!!!

I did a whole series on this car with interviews with the them out!!!

Chasing down a Lambo

Getting on the interstate a Lamborghini pulled up next to…I had to try to shoot it…very cool car ck it out!!!!!

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Mean Rides from the Street Rod Nationals

Some Hot Rods from the 30’s set to music. It was shot at the Street Rod Nationals in Knoxville 05/2011..very it out!!!

A big thanks to Jason Shaw @ for the back ground music

1973 Mustang Mach 1 Clone

A cool Car with a cool story…it’s a 1973 Mustang base car with a 1971 front end on it…very nice car…ck it out!!!

Cool Trucks Street Rod Nationals Knoxville 2011

Some crazy Street Rod Trucks from the National Street Rod Nationals Show in Knoxville 5/8/2011..set to it out!!

Thanks to Jason Shaw @ for the back ground music

Chevy Impala Street Rod

Talk about a Chevy Impala with attitude…this it that for it out!!!

Street Rod Nationals Knoxville II

Some cars that were in Knoxville 5/8/11 for the street rod nationals.. put to some cool music…ck it out!!!

A big thanks to Jason Shaw @

1991 Corvette ZR-1

Vicky looked for two years to find the right Hot Rod…this one was worth the wait..a 1991 ZR-1 Corvette..36,000 miles..a very nice it out!!

Honda Accord

This Honda Accord speaks for it self..A true work of it out!!!..Way cool!!

Special thanks the Jason Shaw @ for the back ground music

Hot Rod Heavy Duty Trucks

Some video of some Street Rod Heavy Duty Trucks..very it out!!

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