Knoxville Cabin Fever Rod Run

I will be doing a series of videos from the Knoxville Cabin Fever Rod Run in Knoxville. This is just a short intro to the series. The rest of the videos will be music videos because the back ground music was a karaoke contest…nuff out the series. I shot some coll cars, trucks and bikes..

Cool Bikes Cabin Fever Knoxville 2011

There were a lot of cool Bikes at the Knoxville Cabin Fever 2011, here are a it out!!!!

background music provide by ” Gearhead performed by Kevin MacLeod .mp3 ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”…

Scottie D's How To Videos

1972 Chevelle SS

845 HP and Strobe lights under the hood…a smoke machine in the trunk…oh a laser light show in there to…very cool!!!!…ck it out!!!!

You can see the car in the day on this video…

1970 402 C-10 Pick-Up Street Rod

A truck that started life as Todd’s Grandfathers farm truck…turn out to be one of his dream Hot Rods..very cool truck…ck it out!!!

1968 LT-1 Camaro

Dan has the 4-speed test car..he also has this 1968 LT-1 Camaro Convertible..6 Speed..were driving around with the top it out!!

Jim McFarland story

My buddy Jim Has owned Mustangs for ever..he has a cool story about this it out!!

American Muscle II

The second in my American Muscle rear wheel drive American V-8’ it out!!!

1966 Fairlane 500 390 4-Speed

Roy is a crazy ..but a great guy…there were only 150 of these 1966 Fairlane 500 390 4-Speed built…and this is number just have to see this car..and of course meet it out!!

A Snowy Day in Knoxville

Me riding my 300 HP it out!!

Cool Cars The Grand Rod Run 2010

Just some cars that cruised by me when I was at The Grand Rod Run 2010

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