1969 427 Corvette

A very nice numbers matching 1969 427 Chevrolet Corvette..ck it out!!

1966 Ford F-100 451 Roush

Ed went with his Dad to buy this 1966 Ford F-100 new..and learned to drive on it..he has changed a few things over time…ck it out!!!

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V-8 Volvo Station wangon

The ultimate sleeper…if you pulled up next to this car at a light..it would make you grin..a Volvo with a GM V-8 under the hood…

2010 SS RS Camaro

Talk about lucky this guy has a 2010 SS/RS Camaro and a 1967 to match..the 1ST gen and the 1st yr of the new gen Camaro..

68 Mustang GT Fastback

A real 1968 Mustang GT Fastback.. there are a lot of clones..but this one was born a GT Mustang….very nice car that survived a fire..ck it out!!!

1993 Mazda RX-7 V-8

A RX-7 with a surprise under the hood…very cool…ck it out!!!!

Tennessee Tony’s SS Chopper

A very cool custom chopper, it has a SS chevelle or Camaro theme..ck it out!!!!

1973 Camaro Z 28

A very nice 1973 Camaro Z-28, ck it out!!!

1963 Impala Super Sport

A very nice 1963 Impala Super Sport..ck it out!!!

Jeff Gold Plating a gear shift knob

“Old School”..back in the 90’s..lol..gold Plating things was popular…I have a buddy that still does it..It’s a pretty cool process…ck it out!!!

p.s if you want to see the bike this goes on..see Tennessee Tony’s chopper video I did.

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