Chevrolet Display at the Street Rod Nationals

Chevrolet had some cool Hot Rods at the the Street Rod Nationals in Knoxville the week end of 5/8/11..The new Grand Sport Vette and the Camaro a Street cars ck it out!!

A big Thank you to Jason Shaw @ for the background music.

2007 Shelby GT 500

The first thing Sonya ever bought on E-bay was this car..and David does a burn out at the end..very cool car…very cool it out!!

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Trucks Street Rod Nationals

Two Chevy’s and Ford very cool pick -ups from the Street Nationals in Knoxville the week end 5/8/11…. . A big thank you to Jason Shaw at Jason Shaw @ for the background music

1969 Camaro Z-28

It’s a 1969 Camaro Z-28 clone..but it has over 900HP..very cool!!!…ck it out!!!

Street Rod Nationals Knoxville 05 08 11

A video of some Street Rods that were in Knoxville the week end of 5/8/11..Cool Music…..

Thanks to so much to Jason Shaw at “Jason Shaw @” for providing the background music.

1970 Challenger

This is one of the coolest Challengers I have every seen..I just melted when I saw it..very very cool…ck it out!!!

Street Rod Nationals South 2011 Knoxville

I went to the Street Rod Nationals 5/7/11 in Knoxville Tennessee this is a introduction video to that series…Very cool cars ck it out!!

2010 Harley-Davidson Heritage Soft Tail

Greg has a very nice 2010 Harley-Davidson Heritage Soft Tail..he tells me all about it…ck it out!!!

1970 Ranchero GT

A very nice 1970 Ford Ranchero it out!!

2010 SRT Challenger

Jimmy is working on one cool collection..he has the Mustang 500..he has his fingers crossed Chevy makes a Z-28..and this is his Challenger SRT..he has added a Super charger now it’s 600+ HP…one lucky man…very cool video…ck it out!!!

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