Concept One Pulley Systems “Drivers Series” Less Bling Same thing

Concept One Pulley Systems produces some of the best serpentine belt systems on the market…Today they are please to announce the same high quality you have come to expect from Concept One Pulley Systems…At a more affordable price…Less Bling……Same thing….In this video I interview Kevin Redd for the Concept One Pulley Systems Facebook page…Several fans of the have requested some “behind the scene” type of video…So this seemed like a perfect opportunity to shoot this video from the point of view…A overview perspective…Kevin explains that He noticed that there were a lot of people building cruiser…Or drive level type of builds with motor swaps..This type of client didn’t seem to care as much about all the high polished billet as they did the bottom line…The drivers series Serpentine pulley system has had some of the high dollar finishes and billet parts replaced with more OEM level accessories and less expensive finishes on the parts….Kevin tells Me that no quality was sacrificed in this option…Only the look…We have the new Drivers Series front and center in this video….Looks good to Me….Check it out!!!
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2018 Auto Crusade Car Show 25th Annual Just Riding Around

In this video I get Randy one of the principal promoters of the 2018 Auto Crusade Car Show..To ride around in a golf cart and give Me the tour…He tells Me this show started 25 years ago and that they had around 50 cars show….How they have moved the show twice in that time having out grown the previous locations.This year there was a record number of classic Cars and Trucks. The Auto Crusade Car Show is not just for the classics though everyone is invited…Cars…Trucks…Motorcycles….If it is cool and you want people to see it…Bring it seems to be the way things work at the Auto Crusade Car Show…The Auto Crusade Car Show is held at the Cumming GA fairgrounds a beautiful location for a event like this… This year they also added autocross to the 2018 Auto Crusade and that was also a BIG success…I will do a separate video on that part of the Auto Crusade car show..The weather was beautiful..There where cool Cars and Trucks everywhere…The people are some of the nicest on earth..It’s just a great way to spend the weekend Check it out!!!
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1965 Ford Mustang RingBrothers “SPLITR” 2018 GoodGuy’s PPG Nationals

The 1965 Ford Mustang…”SPLITR”….I caught up with this way cool RingBrothers build at the 2018 GoodGuy’s PPG Nationals….Mike and Jim Ring are very busy guys and a lot of the time they aren’t even at the show although one of there builds may be…But I have the number to the RingBrothers version of the “RED”phone…So I can usually get a phone interview set up with one or the other…Very cool for sure…In this video Jim Ring and I discuss this 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback SPLITR from start to finish….From the front bumper to the back…There is a lot to cover about this 1965 Ford Mustang SPLITR built by RingBrothers….In true RingBrothers fashion you will find Carbon Fiber throughout this build…As you will hear…This 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback is mostly carbon fiber….And some of the panels are available from RingBrothers for your 1965 Ford Mustang….Jim and I also discuss some different topics other than just this 1965 Ford Mustang SPLITR….Like RingBrothers University…A YouTube channel that has some good how to stuff for the home builder…How a LS ended up in that way cool Pantera RingBrothers built a few years ago.Your going to love this one of a kind 1965 Ford Fastback Mustang built by RingBrothers…SPLITER….Check it out!!!
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Chevrolet C/10 Towing a Camper “Craziest Car Show Burnout Ever”!!!

I had heard rumor that there was some crazy Guy in town that was doing Burnouts with His Chevrolet C/10 Pickup while He towed His Camping Trailer…The people that where telling Me had seen it on Facebook and we couldn’t find it to see it again…Little did I know…Or thinking back…Maybe I should have known..I already knew His Dad….I had met His Dad the year before when He left like the show mid day…noon….I mean right down main street….lol…Lights them up…And everyone around Me said it was the same person..At the same time….With out mentioning names….I said I need to meet this #@^#&#^@……lol????….Not trying to get anyone thrown in jail here…But let Me say…These Boys are…PROFESSIONALS…..They do this type of thing all the time….No one was ever in danger…With that said….To hear about it….To actually seeing a..Slammed square body Chevrolet C/10…With a tow behind camper…Full of the stuff you would haul in a camper…I mean 10 minuets before I shot this they were packing up their complete campsite that they had been using for two days….BLOW the tires off of it….I have shot a lot of burnouts Have seen 1000’s more….This is with out a doubt the craziest one I have ever seen….As I bonus I also put another very cool burnout done by a Pro Street Chevy Pickup that looks like “Mater”…Very cool for sure…Check it out!!!
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1950 Dodge Wayfarer Classic Restorations Of Southern Indiana 2018 NSRA Street Rod Nationals

A 1950 Dodge Wayfarer that Classic Restorations Of Southern Indiana had in the Builders Showcase at the 2018 NSRA Street Rod Nationals…I have shot several builds by Classic Restorations Of Southern Indiana some custom and some restorations…They do a great job on both…But if you have a Classic Vehicle and you want it taken back to better than new…But still just like it was… Then
Classic Restorations of Southern Indiana is one of the best shops you could end up at…And when the grandson of the original owner wanted to have this one taken back to showroom new….He knew the shop to take it to…Dustin tells Me about what it takes to take a 70 year old car back to just like it was…Except a lot nicer when it comes to fit and finish and they did upgrade the electrical and put some modern tires on it to make it a little more roadworthy
I have learned that MOPAR fans are crazy about keeping them just the way they came from…Plymouth…Chrysler….And Dodge…Well I hope that this one will make you smile…Nothing custom on this 1950 Dodge Wayfarer from Classic Restorations Of Southern Indiana 2018 NSRA Street Rod Nations but it is still way cool… Check it out!!!
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Visit http://www.classicrestorations-online… to see more from this builder

The Grand National Roadster Show 2018 Walk-around Nothing But Cool

As the title states….Nothing but cool from the 2018 Grand National Roadster Show…This show has been going on for almost 70 years and is known for the America’s Most Beautiful Roadster award but that is only a small number of the vehicles represented there..To say that cool is everywhere you look would be a understatement…
It’s held in Southern California so they know cool on the West Cost.
There is a lot of ground to cover and way to many Classic Cars.and Trucks…Street Rods and Hot Rods…Pro Touring and Lowriders…
Street Machine and Pro Street…I mean it would take weeks to cover it all one by one..So I do shoot some feature of the stuff I find extra cool…But that leaves tons of stuff that all I can get is a quick walk by of…And even then I only can bring you a % of the cool stuff I found at the 2018 Grand National Roadster Show..I do the walking…Grab something cold to drink and let Me do the walking Way cool for sure…Check it out!!
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1963/1964 Dodge D100 “Double Wide” Street Truck 2018 GoodGuy’s PPG Nationals

The 1963/1964 Dodge D100…”Double Wide”….I caught up with this way cool Street Truck at the 2018 GoodGuy’s PPG Nationals…We have seen these Dodge D100’s from this builder before and this one is just that much cooler than the rest….It’s hard to get Roger to tell Me all that has been done to this 1963/1964 Dodge D100 but I get all I can….First of all I keep calling it a 1963/1964 Dodge D100 because that is what it is….Some parts from each year were used and then a whole lot of custom was added…Starting with the Chassis….So that it was able to lay on the ground…These trucks were mostly used commercially…This one came from the Forestry Division..So that stance wasn’t going to work…Under the custom hood you will find a 413 Big Block with two fours..Back in the day Dodge offered a special edition with a 413 Big Block so that was a cool choice for this build…The blue is a new Dodge color and with the satin bronze trim….Really give this build personality…The wheel choice is always a personal choice but I wouldn’t change what’s on it…They work perfectly for me…The interior is completely custom and perfect for this 1963/1964 Dodge D100 Double Wide from the 2018 GoodGuy’s PPG Nationals….Very cool for sure..Check it out!!
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1968 Chevrolet Camaro Twin Turbo 1850HP Metal Brothers Hot Rods 18 NSRA Street Rod Nationals Debute

The 1968 Chevrolet Camaro that was debuted by Metal Brothers Hot Rods at the 2018 National Street Rod Association Street Rod Nationals in Louisville KY…As I talk to the owners of Metal Brothers Hot Rods David tells Me that this car was 9 years in the making and that it took a few design changes on it’s way to what you see today as it was debuted at the 2018 NSRA Street Rod Nationals.
This 68 Camaro was on display all weekend in the Builders Show Case at the 2018 Street Rod Nationals…It started as a project to become Fastest Street Car in America but David said that part way through He realized that they didn’t have enough horse power to do that…Keep in mind it now has 1850 Horse Power…And that was not enough!?!?..Crazy world we live in..But I have shot Cars with almost twice that!?!….This 1968 Camaro is custom from the front to the back…But out side of the hood…You will not notice a distinct difference…Although those BIG back tires have to go somewhere.
Interior is very cool and fitting for this build….A strong Street Machine influence…Yet as David tells Me…All the creature comfort
of a modern hot rod..Air conditioning….Power steering…Power windows….A full roll bar…Connected to a full tube chassis…This Twin Turbo….1850 Horse Power…1968 Chevrolet Camaro is as cool as they get….Check it out!!!
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1970 Chevrolet Camaro Autocross Car 2018 NSRA Street Rod Nationals Autocross

I met a couple a few years ago at Shades of the Past car show when they owned a 196? Pontiac Firebird…I shot a feature on that Car and we always stayed in touch…A couple years ago they sold their Firebird and the next thing I know Leslie has got this 1970 Chevrolet Camaro and she is running Autocross…Now I’m a sucker for a second generation Camaro…And I am all about “Girl Power” so I have been meaning to check out Her car…Today was the day! Leslie tells me about all the modifications that have been made to this 1970 Chevrolet Camaro so that she can be competitive on the NSRA Autocross track..All upgraded suspension ….LS under the hood…Some 18’s all the way around…Take out most of the interior
and away you go!!…Keep in mind this car was not built to win any show and shines….But it was built to go fast…And if you stick around till the end of the video…I might be able to talk Leslie into taking us for a ride…Way cool 1970 Chevrolet Camaro for sure… Check it out!!
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1966 Dodge Charger “Super Charger” Street Machine Supercharged 440 HEMI 2018 GoodGuy’s PPG Nationals

The 1966 Dodge Charger ….Super Charged!….Debuted at the 2018 GoodGuy’s PPG Nationals Street Machine of the year competition it drew a BIG crowd for sure….This 66 Charger has been in the same family since it was bought new by Grandma back in 1966…. As they say…..This ant Granny’s Charger anymore….Custom from the front to the back… Some of it you will spot….Some of it you will have to know what your looking at to spot…The HEMI billboards on the back fenders refer to the all aluminum Supercharged 440 HEMI under the all custom hood….Behind the custom fascia…In the all custom Engine compartment…lol…Like I said this is all custom The all custom interior works well with this build….One has to be careful when they customize a iconic design like the fastback swoop of the 1966 Dodge Charger…From what I can tell….That’s still the same…But the rest of this 1966 Dodge Charger from the 2018 GoodGuy’s PPG Nationals is all custom….I’m sure this supercharged 400 HEMI 1966 Dodge Charger will drive MOPAR fans crazy..But the rest of us.. It will make smile…One other thing about this all custom 1966 Dodge Charger…The only time it was out of the families control during it’s whole life?…Is while it was a stolen car…Recovered years after it was taken when someone tried to register it…lol….There is a lot to this 66 Dodge Charger….”Super Charged”…Built to drive… Cool to see for sure…Great history … Way cool for sure…Check it out!!!
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