Audacity On Wheels: 1967 Volkswagen Beetle At The 2024 Detroit Autorama

The name says it all....Audacity is one crazy 1967 Volkswagen Beetle that I found at the 2024 World Of Wheels Detroit Autorama!...This 67 VW Bug has been all over the internet and drawn big attention. I had the opportunity to catch up with it at that 2024 Detroit Autorama...I'm jot a big fan of the VW Bug...but cool is cool...And this 1967 Volkswagen Bug "Audacity" is way cool!! Covered in bright pink paint with a crazy plaid interior that I wasn't sure what I thought of when I first seen it, This one took a minuet to soak in for Me..In the end, I'm a Fan!! There is a lot going on...It's been changed in everyway...Yet it still looks like a VW Bug...It's one of those builds that either You get it...Or You don't!...Like I said...The name says it all..One very cool 1967 Volkswagen Beetle "Audacity" from the 2024 World Of Wheels Detroit!! Check it out!!!

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