Talk about a true Patriot…stand up and salute when this car drives by!!!!…very cool….a 1956 Chevy wrapped in the American flag…ck it out!!!

1991 5.0 Notch back Mustang

This car is in 10/10 issue of Mustang Enthusiast Magazine..very nice car…ck it out!!

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2010/ 2011 TRANS AM Convertible DAY 2

More pictures and a chance to get in the head of the designer…I’m collecting the questions you would like answered…ck it out!!!!!!

2010/2011 Trans Am Convertible

The only place to see this car is HERE!!!!..ScottieDTV…This is a Gear Head
2010/2011 Trans Am Convertible….B A D!!!!!!!!!…this is a ScottieDTV EXCLUSIVE…Mike from Gear Head JUST!!.. e-mailed the picture to me…and I brought it straight to you… I could only get a few frames of the car at te end of the video…be ready to pause…..ENJOY!!

Nightlife The Grand 2010

Video shot after dark at the 2010 The Grand Rod Run…very cool…ck it out!!!

1961 Corvette

A really nice 1961 Corvette 61000 miles…all original…ck it out!!!!


The “Hero” Yellow mustang from the movie The Fast and Furious 4…caught Wilson coming out of Bojangles chicken…sorry I get a little excited about seeing it…first movie car on my channel…pretty cool ck it out!!!!


This is the GSC new body style Trans Am #00001… this video was shot 09.18.10 one week after delivery..
6.2L Supercharged V-8…very cool ck it out!!!!
I now have a feature video of this car on my channel…
I have some other videos about the convertible and t-top versions of this them out!!!

“THE GRAND” Rod Run Pigeon Forge Tennessee 2010

A over view of my week end spent at The Grand Rod Run 2010 in Pigeon Forge Tennessee…It Rocked!!!!!!…ck it out!!!

1954 Chopped Convertible Chevy

Jim wanted a challenge so decided to chop his 1954 Chevy Convertible…turned out really nice…ck it out!!!

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