62 1/2 Ford Galaxie 500 XL

Luke likes thing that have some history behind them..his 62 1/2 Ford Galaxie 500 XL is a rare cars..There were only a few of these made..and even less left..cool car ck it out!!

Can-Am Spyder Shout out

My Dad tells me how his motorcycle accident happened and what getting to ride again after 40 years felt like…Thanks to all those at Cam-Am that worked to make that happen..a very cool toy that has changed his life..ck it out!!!

Scottie D's How To Videos

Can-Am Spyder Story

Jim was hurt in a Motorcycle accident in the 60’s..he thought he would never ride again..until he saw this…very cool..ck it out!!!

2005 Harley Davidson Soft Tail Deluxe

Ted tells me about his week down in the Smokey Mountains and his very nice 2005 Harley Davidson Soft Tail Deluxe ..ck it out!!

2003 Harley Davidson Road King

My Dads friend has a really nice 2003 Harley-Davidson Road King…here he tells me a little about it..ck it out!!!

1947 Buick Super Convertible

Back in 1947 Buick’s cars were cool…but put a big block Chevy in one..and it’s really cool..ck it out!!!


A Hulk truck I found at the Cleveland “Main Street Cruise In”..Very cool!!!…ck it out!!!

A big thanks to Jason Shaw @ audionautix.com for the back ground music


I get to ride in a 2010 Supercharged GSC Trans/Am…of course I take you a long…very cool…ck it out!!!

feature on this car


East bound and down…the Bandit is back BABY!!!…a very cool car…ck it out!!!!
ride along video

Rat Rod Bat Mobile

What guy hasn’t dreamed of having his own Bat Mobile???..this is the Rat Rod edition…very cool…ck it out!!!!!

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