The Batmobile “Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice” The SEMA Show 2016

Any chance I get to shoot a Batmobile…I’m going to do it….I don’t follow the Batman Movie series….But cool is cool…And the Batmobiles are always cool….I found this one from Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice at The SEMA Show 2016….Check it out!!…Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit For new Content every week!!

City Garage Car Museum

Greeneville, TN
Article and photos by Larry Crain

Being an auto enthusiast I know that there are many automotive museums, both big and small, scattered across our great country. I am also pleased to say that there is an automotive museum within a 15 minute drive from my home. I enjoy seeing what unique vehicles these museums have on display, and just sometimes the museum is also a part of automotive history like the one in Greeneville, Tennessee.

The City Car Garage Museum building did not start out with an automotive connection unless it was the cars and trucks that came to it to pick up seed or other farm related supplies. The first building on this location was a Kasco Feed Store in the 1930’s, but in the 1940’s it was purchased by W. R. Bullen and his business partner Jack O’Keefe. These two gentlemen bought the property and building after their Plymouth-Dodge dealership in town burned down and turned this location into a new dealership and garage.

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2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS Lingenfelter Performance Engineering The SEMA Show 2016

A 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS I shot at The SEMA Show 2016….What makes this Car special and worthy of coverage is that is was the test mule for the LT1 motor…..And is the car that Lingenfelter Performance Engineering used to dial in the Magnuson Supercharger on the latest LT1 from Chevrolet taking it to 630hp/600tq….They have added some wheels and exhaust to give the car a little more aggressive look…But with LPE and Magnuson it is all about what you feel not what you see….Cool piece of Hot Rod history…..Check it out…Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit for new content every week!!!

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American Graffiti Race: Who Really Would Have Won?

Article and display photos by Larry Crain
Race photo supplied by Ken Buckner Jr.

The title of this article alone should tell you that I’m taking you back to 1973 and one of the all time great car movies American Graffiti. The movie was actually set in 1962 when cruisin’ the boulevard and hanging out at the local drive-in diner were the things to do on weekend nights. Of course, there were the really cool cars used in the movie including Milner’s yellow ’32 Ford coupe; the local king of the street race scene. Then a new guy named Falfa shows up in a bad black ’55 Chevy ready to show Milner who really has the baddest car around. Well if you have seen the movie you know they end up on Paradise road for a grudge race with (spoiler alert!) Falfa losing car control of his car, totaling it and Milner wins by default. So the question has always been: if there had been no wreck, who would have won?

I’m lucky to know Ken Buckner Sr. and Ken Buckner Jr., owners of two of the most correct American Graffiti cloned ’32 Ford and ’55 Chevy. This father and son duo have been showing these two cars for years, including at autograph sessions with most of the original cast members, at one time or the other, all over the eastern and southern part of the country.

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1957 Chevrolet Pickup Street Truck 2017 World Of Wheels Birmingham

A 1957 Chevrolet Pickup that I shot at the 2017 World Of Wheels Birmingham…This truck has been done for over 15 yrs….The paint was refreshed about 8 years ago and it’s still winning awards…It has a LT1 under a tilt hood…It has to many body modifications to list…Although they are listed near the end of the video….I think the coolest thing about this truck is how it has stood the test of time…Check it out!!!…Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit For new content every week!!!

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1978 Pontiac Firebird Esprit “Rockford Files” Edition 2017 World Of Wheels Birmingham

A 1978 Pontiac Firebird Esprit that I found at the 2017 World Of Wheels Birmingham….From the first glance there was no doubt that this was the car of my favorite Private Detective Jimmy Rockford from the NBC hit series The Rockford Files….This car is a exact replica of the 1978 Pontiac Firebird the series star drove…A very cool trip down memory lane…Check it out!!!!…Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit For new cool content every week!!

2017 Winter Angel Expo

White Pine, Tennessee
Article and photos by Larry Crain

Small town indoor car shows hardly ever get much exposure in print or on the web, and that is a shame, especially if they are for a good cause. In this case, the Annual Winter Angel Expo Vehicle & Motorcycle Show that was held in January at the Great Smoky Mountain Expo Center in the rural town of White Pine, Tennessee.

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1963 Chevrolet Nova 2017 World Of Wheels Birmingham

A 1963 Chevrolet Nova Pro Touring car I shot at the 2017 World Of Wheels Birmingham….A fresh build that has two tone paint that it wears very nicely….A custom interior with a silver headliner that is a very cool feature….LS under the hood…..Some cool wheels…A nice stance….Cool Car check it out!!!…Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit For new content every week!!

12th Annual 2016 Emerald Coast Cruizin’

Panama City Beach, Florida
Article and photos by Larry Crain

Every November for the past 12 years Emerald Coast Cruizin’ has continued to grow by leaps and bounds with more participants, spectators, and big name vendors. This event grows because of a great host city like Panama City Beach, an awesome event site like Aaron Bessant Park and a perfect backdrop for cruisin’ like the beautiful gulf coast beaches.

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1953 Studebaker Commander 2017 World Of Wheels Birmingham

A 1953 Studebaker Commander I shot at the 2017 Birmingham World Of Wheels…..This is a high end build….The black paint almost look transparent in the the reflections are so clear your not sure what your seeing…It has a custom interior that fits the build like a glove…And of course the 502 Big Block under the hood with it’s Hillborn injection is just the frosting on the cake…Very nice build…Very cool Car…Check it out!!…Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit For new content every week!!

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