1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Metal Brothers Hot Rods finished interior

I first shot this 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle built by Metal Brothers Hot Rods at the 2016 Cruisin’ The Coast event…At that time the interior wasn’t completed….I was able to catch up with it again down at the 2017 Bama Coast Cruise…This time the the interior was done and looking good….I was also able to catch a quick clip of it running…At Cruisin’ The Coast I wasn’t able to catch it running either….Very cool car…Check out the original video out at http://www.scottiedtv.com/1970-chevro… And make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit www.ScottieDTV.com For new content weekly!!

40 Plus Years In The Making

1957 Chevrolet 210
Article and finished photos by Larry Crain
Build and personal photos supplied by Hoyt Allison

This could be one of those real long and convoluted stories about a man and his car, but I will try to keep it short; notice I said try. But to tell the story of how this car came to be a beautiful piece of four-wheel art, we need to go way back in its history.

The start of this history is a little blurred, but somehow this 1957 Chevy 210 two door sedan found its way from Pennsylvania to Georgia during the 1960’s. The car found itself in the hands of a couple of old hot rodders that didn’t have much use for the factory 6 cylinder and the 3 speed manual tranny. The sedan was then equipped with a 327 and a Muncie 4 speed, and those guys had some fun with the car as a hot rod.

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Chevrolet Blazer Roadster The SEMA Show 2016

A Chevrolet Blazer Roadster I shot at The SEMA Show 2016…I never did find out the year but….It is cool…Ridding on Ridetech air system…It was in the TMI Products booth so it has their custom interior in it…Low profile Continental Tires stick it to the ground Two tone paint with no pinstripe…Very cool…I’m a BIG Fan of these slammed Chevrolet Blazers and this one is awesome..Check it out!!
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Howards Cams

Custom ScottieDTV Metal Sign Nichols Paint And Fab

Justin Nichols of Nichols Paint and Fab and His girlfriend Maegan Ashline have been posting some really cool Metal art work on https://www.facebook.com/nicholspaint… So the other day…few weeks ago to be honest….really hectic around here…I received a package….WOW!!…They made ScottieDTV one…Now this is really cool to me…A piece one of these artist made..For My company….Really makes Me feel appreciated….Check out this video…Than check out their Facebook page…Hot Rod art work!!!!! Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit www.ScottieDTV.com For new content weekly!!!

2nd Time Around

1955 Chevrolet Truck
Article and photos by Larry Crain

This great looking 1955 Chevy truck is owned by Dan Duffy of Marietta, Georgia. This truck is on its second time around as a full-on custom truck, built once by Big Oak Garage and then updated for two different owners. The first time around for this truck in the Big Oak Garage was for its first owner, who had brought it in for a small fender to tire fitting issue. While the truck was in the shop for the small job, the owner decided to let the shop do a full-on build to turn the Chevy truck into a hot rod. The newly built truck went back to the owner and kicked butt at shows on many levels and was even featured in a magazine article. The first owner kept the crew at Big Oak Garage busy on the truck with motor swaps and other changes over the years. One of the times the truck was in the shop, Dan Duffy happened to see it and fell in love with it. The truck was eventually put up for sale, and Dan knew that this was a sign that the truck was meant to be his, so he bought it.

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“Tupolev 007” Russian Amphibious Craft 2017 Bama Coast Cruise

In this video I find a Russian Amphibious Craft the Tupolev 007 down at the 2017 Bama Coast Cruise….Many will remember that Ron Pratt bought one at Barrett Jackson a few years ago…..The gentleman that owns this one…Sold that one….These Amphibious crafts have a very interesting history and are designed to cross ice..More than water…They start on compressed air….So they will start in sub zero climates…There are very few known to exist ..Cool video with interesting information…Check it out!!!…Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit www.ScottieDTV.com For new Content Weekly!!!

1969 Camaro Two 427 LS7 Under The Hood “SS 854” It Runs 2017 Pigeon Forge Rod Run

The 1969 Chevrolet Camaro “SS 854” I had first found this car at The SEMA Show a few years ago…I shot a great feature of it…But I did not catch it running…The video has done really well..But people always ask if it really runs….At the 2017 Pigeon Forge Rod Run I was able to catch up with it again….This time I did catch it running…Another short walk around…..Check it out!!!…You can see the feature from The SEMA Show at http://www.scottiedtv.com/1969-camaro…
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Family Farm Truck

1972 Chevy Cheyenne
Article and photos by Larry Crain

This super clean Chevy truck is owned by Johnny Golden of Pickens, South Carolina, and it loves living in the country. This truck was purchased new by Johnny’s father in 1972 for use on the family farm, but that doesn’t mean it was treated like just another farm truck. This truck found itself in the promised land with its new owner. It got washed and waxed on a regular basis; no cow manure stayed on this truck for long. This old farm truck had it really good, shoot, it was even garage kept, not like its country cousins that sat out in the yard everyday. Heck, this truck had an owner that loved it so much that he put mag wheels and dual exhaust on it. A very sad day arrived in 1989 when Johnny’s father passed away, and the truck mourned the passing of its dear old friend. The truck found a new home with Johnny who drove it for 6 or 7 years, taking care of it just like his father had. The day did arrive when Johnny made the decision to freshen up the truck a little with the help of Jim Keith who was ready to help a friend out. Before Johnny knew it, the truck was in a gazillion pieces that would take close to 3 years of work to put back together better than new.

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2008 Ford Mustang GT ScottieDTV New Look

We have made some changes on the SDTV 2008 Ford Mustang GT….The wrap as been replaced by AZ Rags IPS….The new look is Crazy Cool…I think you are going to love it….It now has a Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custom Interiors did some Custom Seats…Door panels and something special in the back for Quiz….With awesome Continental tires and the Ridetech Coilover System keeping it planted on the ground I’m ready to chase some Hot Rods!!!!…Big shout out to https://www.facebook.com/azragips/ For the cool new look and https://www.facebook.com/Pro-Auto-Cus… For the cool new custom interior…And to all of you that support what I do….THANK YOU!!!
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Reflex Charger

1968 Dodge Charger
Article and photos by Larry Crain

This awesome example of Mopar muscle is owned by Rich and Cindy Purdie of Melbourne, Florida, but it didn’t always look so show worthy. Their 1968 Dodge Charger started out as a very sad, old, and tired looking piece of muscle car history. The worn-out car came out of Springfield, Missouri in December of 2013 with Rich’s game plan being to build something really different. His first step in the right direction was to get with artist extraordinaire Eric Brockmeyer to come up with one of his fantastic renderings. Rich and Eric worked closely together and came up with the car design that would ultimately be what you see here. The interior design Eric came up with was spot on with some minor changes to the original dash design. In March of 2014 with the rendering complete, the decision was made to ship the Charger to the Muscle Rod Shop in San Antonio where they specialize in building custom wide-bodies.

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Metal Brothers Hot Rods
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