1979 Pontiac Trans Am Pro Touring Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custom Interiors

A 1979 Pontiac Trans Am that I found out at Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custom Interiors….A 1979 Pontiac Trans Am was my first Car so they are near to my heart….My only complaint with mine was that even though it was a 6.6 ltr…..It was really not a fast car….This one has that problem addressed…Now it has a 7.0 ltr under the hood…A very cool Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custom Interior … Custom paint….And many other custom touches…..Cool Car….Check it out!!!..Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit www.ScottieDTV.com For new content weekly!!!

1967 Chevrolet C/10 Street Truck “The Tin Shop” 2017 World Of Wheels Birmingham

A 1967 Chevrolet C/10 Street Truck I found at the 2017 World Of Wheels from Birmingham Alabama….Built by the The Tin Shop this is one monster of a pickup…It lays on the ground…Has some very cool flames running across the front…Custom interior….All the rear suspension is visible through the bed…A twin turbo big block under the hood…Exhaust comes out of the front fenders….A very cool truck for sure…Check it out!!!…Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit www.ScottieDTV.com For new content weekly!!

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2016 Pigeon Forge Rod Run “Jim Mitchum Thunder Road”

Every year at the Pigeon Forge Rod Run they bring in celebrities and will ussally have a theme…At the 2016 Fall show the theme was Moonshine…And everything to do with Moonshine…They had a still…Several cars from the era…A Popcorn Sutton display and Jim Mitchum from the movie Thunder Road…It’s always a great time and a great show….Check it out!!!…Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit www.ScottieDTV.com For new content weekly!!!

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Pro Street Monster

1972 Chevy C10
Article and photos by Larry Crain
Original truck photos by Teddy Mueller

Teddy Mueller of Summerville, South Carolina owns a Pro Street 1972 Chevrolet C10 truck that could be the four-wheel version of the “Hulk”. An apt description would be big feet “tires”, green as any mean ass monster should be and nothing but a sheer terror if you make the mistake of messing with it on the street.

Teddy has owned this truck since 2002 but back then it was just a mild mannered primered C10 with a 307 engine, a Turbo 350 transmission and a rear end with 3:73 gears. Teddy was in the Air Force at the time he bought the truck, and he left it as-is until he was discharged. But as soon as he got home, the truck started getting some changes with the first one being a motor swap to a 350 four bolt and an early Cuda green paint job with blue flames. Terry drove the wheels off the truck during this stage of its life, but in 2011 he inherited a 468 cubic inch big block Chevy motor. His brother-in law had owned a 1979 Camaro drag car that was also street driven a few times before he lost a battle with cancer, and Teddy’s sister knew the perfect place for her late husband’s motor to reside. This is when the old Chevy truck started a radical transformation into the Pro Street Monster it is today.

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1970 Dodge Charger “SOLO” 2017 Detroit Autorama

The 1970 Dodge Charger “SOLO” I caught up with it at the 2017 Detroit Autorama….First and foremost..This car has a BAD Attitude….You can see it from a mile away….This one doesn’t say GET OUT OF MY WAY…The look it it gives is one of…..Don’t even get close!!!…..This thing looks like it could haul off and sucker punch you at any second….I walked softly…But I got up close to this monster….I have video of the guts of the beast….The 730HP Dodge R5 NASCAR motor….The custom interior…All of it!!!….Very cool Car Check it out!!!….Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit www.ScottieDTV.com For new content weekly!!

Ford Mustang GT ScottieDTV Wrap Removal A Z Rag IPS

So if you follow the channel you have seen several videos of the ScottieDTV Ford Mustang GT….A couple of years ago Auctions America came on board to help us wrap the car in it’s current livery and I sure appreciate all their help…I wanted to change it up for 2017 and contacted Louie Garza at A Z Rag IPS and we set out to come up with a new look….I get several questions about what’s under the wrap…What will it look like when it’s removed…ect….So I thought this would be a good time to answer these questions…..Meet Louie….And see what the paint looks like under a wrap that has been on for a extended period of time….Check it out!!!
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For more information on A Z Rag IPS Please visit http://www.azragips.com/

Weda’s Street Rod

1930 Ford Model A Sedan
Article and photos by Larry Crain

Old skool style rods have always been cool even back when they were first being built just as hot rods to cruise or race in. As a gearhead I love almost all things that have four wheels and burn fossil fuel but traditional style hot rods really catch my eye. This particular rod was on display at the 2017 Wild Wheels held in the New Orleans Superdome and it just screamed “Look at me! I am the history of hot rodding!”

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1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Street Rod Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custom Interiors

A 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air that is getting ready to leave Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custom Interiors with a fresh all custom leather interior…Of course Steve and the Boys ROCKED it!!…The rest of the car is just as cool…It wears the two tone paint very well…It still has a lot of the original trim on the body….The stance in right on…Wheel choice fits the build very well….A very nice clean build all around….Check it out!!!…Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit www.ScottieDTV.com For new content weekly!!!

1949 Ford Gasser “Thunder Belle” 2017 Detroit Autorama

The 1949 Ford “Thunder Belle” …..There was no way you were going to miss this one at The 2017 Detroit Autorama…Of course the gasser style is a iconic Hot Rod…But the paint is equally as impressive….Inside it’s straight out of American Graffiti….Under the tilt front end in a small block Chevy….It’s a three generation build with the Grandfather passing away and the Son and Grandson out showing the car….One your going to want to see for sure…Check it out!!!!…Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit www.ScottieDTV.com For new content weekly!!!!

Stage II Max Wedge

1963 Plymouth Savoy
Article and photos by Larry Crain

Okay the first line of the title should have gotten your attention right off the bat if you are a true fan of muscle cars. This fine example of a factory-produced true muscle car is owned by Rich and Paige Udell, who live in The Villages, Florida. If their name sounds familiar it is probably because of their Great 8 Award winning 1932 Ford Roadster known as “Timeless”, or their other well-known car “Instigator”, which is a 1934 Chevrolet sedan. When I saw Rich and Paige recently in Panama City Beach, Florida during the Spring Emerald Coast Cruizin’, they were riding in, not a street rod, but this awesome little Plymouth Savoy.

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