What’s In Your Car Collection?

Article and photos by Larry Crain

Automotive enthusiasts usually have one or two vehicles in their garage or shop that are their pride and joy. Sometimes you will find someone that has a really cool garage or shop that has maybe ten vehicles of assorted manufacturers and years. Somewhere along these lines is when you can start calling yourself a collector of cars and trucks. Collecting means that the number of vehicles that you own is always growing, never diminishing and that entails having the space to store them plus the time to maintain them. Most owners of large, private collections are very private individuals that only show their vehicles by invitation.

I recently had the opportunity to look at a collection of vehicles that numbers around 175 cars and trucks! This collection ranges from the early 1900’s to some of the newer factory performance vehicles. I had the chance to shoot photos of this collection with the understanding that I would not use the owner’s name or location of the collection for security and privacy. Sorry folks!

The owner has been collecting for over 25 years and is still collecting vehicles when certain ones come available. His most recent acquisition is a collection of 18 cars and trucks that range from the 1900’s to the early 1960’s. This group was purchased from a museum that had been closed for over 11 years. He had went to buy one particular vehicle, a very rare Rickenbacker roadster, and ended up with the museum’s complete collection.

The diversity in this collection is unbelievable but you can tell that the owner does tend to favor vehicles of the Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler family. Most of the cars and trucks are restored to original but there are a few that have been turned into street rods or street machines. Walking through this collection an automotive enthusiast would have a tough time finding something that they didn’t like.

I hope you will enjoy looking at the photos that are just a sampling of what I saw in this collection, and hope that you will enjoy them as much as I did. When you can say you saw everything from General “Black Jack” Pershing’s World War 1 staff car to a Ford GT with only 15 miles on it, you have most definitely seen a serious collection. Be watching for a feature car article this coming Thursday on a very special vehicle that is in this collection.

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