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1930 Ford Model A Sedan
Article and photos by Larry Crain

Old skool style rods have always been cool even back when they were first being built just as hot rods to cruise or race in. As a gearhead I love almost all things that have four wheels and burn fossil fuel but traditional style hot rods really catch my eye. This particular rod was on display at the 2017 Wild Wheels held in the New Orleans Superdome and it just screamed “Look at me! I am the history of hot rodding!”

This 1930 Ford Model A sedan is owned by Brion & Michelle Rose of Kenner, Louisiana. The project started in 2009 when Brion was given the body, and two years later, with a good bit of the work done by Brion, you see the end result of a home built rod!

The old Ford sedan has been chopped a total of four inches, channeled six inches over the frame, the doors are suicide and flush fitted to the body. All of the original wood inner structure has been replaced with steel and a new custom floor pan installed. Staying true to the old hot rod look, the tail lights are frenched Cadillac pieces, but a nod to safety is a flush mounted third brake light. All of the bodywork including blasting, welding and base paint was done by Brion at his home shop. Well-known painter Kal Smith was brought in to handle the lettering and clear coating of this black beauty.

The interior of this Model A hot rod is just as traditional with white tuck & roll on the bucket seats, door panels and dash. The covered dash is also home to a standard looking gauge insert that has a set of Dolphin gauges. Being a true hot rod there aren’t many upgrades to the interior except for the chrome steering column and a Lokar floor shifter.

The way-cool looking body sits on a custom chassis built by Brion in his home shop. The construction of the chassis is very unique with the front rails being constructed from ¼ inch plate that has been punched out to accommodate six different sizes of tubing that go into the rails. This set up is perfect for the suicide front axle. The custom rear half of the chassis is made up of 2x3 tubing that is under slung to carry a posi rear end and a four link suspension equipped with air bags. This chassis set up may be hot rod, but it is very safe with disc brakes on all four corners. Completing the chassis are the Radir wheels mounted with 10 inch Firestone whitewall cheater slicks on the rear and 4 inch Firestone whitewalls on the front.

The heavy duty custom chassis is home for an equally heavy duty motor that just gets in your face in a hurry. The attention getting motor is a 350 pumping out 680 horsepower built by Greg Hekimian Racing Engines. The Dart block is equipped with steel crank, forged pistons, aluminum heads, roller cam and roller rockers. The “in your face” part is the polished blower from The Blower Shop that is topped off with a pair of Demon 650cfm carbs and a polished air cleaner housing. The killer blown 350 motor is paired up with a GM Turbo 350 transmission that has been beefed up with a shift kit and a 2200 stall converter.

This awesome rod has now been around for almost six years and can still turn heads no matter where it goes because the look it has is almost timeless. I have to tip my cap to Brion Rose for building such a great looking car and for sharing it with the public so the traditional look might inspire others.

Manufacturers and shops used in building this rod.

  • Dart
  • Demon Carburetors
  • Dolphin Gauges
  • Firestone
  • Greg Hekimian Racing Engines
  • Lokar
  • Paint By Kal
  • Radir Wheels
  • The Blower Shop
  • Weda’s Street Rod Garage
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