Volunteer Auto Club

27th Annual Volunteer State Auto Club Car Show
Greeneville, TN
Article and photos by Larry Crain

What started out as a rainy day in East Tennessee had everyone guessing as to what sort of turnout there would be for the 27th Annual Volunteer State Auto Club Car Show. But the old saying of “have it and they will come” held true because by the 10:00am starting show time, there was a steady gathering of vehicles in Hardin Park, where the show was held.

Before the day was over 60 plus vehicles of all makes and models were parked on the grass and asphalt with the sun beaming down. With Bubba Shipley as the DJ (just think of Larry the Cable Guy’s voice) doing the announcing, door prizes and playing the tunes, everyone was entertained throughout the day.

A big draw for participants at this year’s show were the very unique, custom-made Top 10 Award wood plaques designed and made by Roger Brown, who is known for his woodworking talents in this neck of the woods. Other pluses for the participants were door prizes including more than $200 worth of tools from O’Reilly’s Auto Parts given away and the small green piggy banks, which were supplied by Greeneville Federal Bank, and then were stuff with $20 bills that were donated by the car clubs members. This show always has a really great collection of door prizes thanks to a strong support from local merchants. The really big draw and closing act of this show was the two separate drawings for $250 in cash! Not a bad way to wrap up what started out as a rainy Saturday morning: cash in hand, award on the seat and sun through the windshield.

For more information on this show and the Volunteer State Auto Club, be sure to visit their website www.volunteerstateautoclub.org

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