How to Turn A Second Bedroom Into A International Raceway

So as I child I had several Slot Car sets...But as a adult I could never figure out how to have anything nice but yet be able to move it if I needed...A couple a years ago I moved into a two bedroom condo and have been trying to figure out if there was any way ever since....A couple of months ago I had a stroke of genius....If I built a platform that was around three feet tall...I would not lose any of the storage what the room was mainly used for...But I also use it for a place for guest to stay when they visite...So there was that....I don't keep a stationary bed in that room...I have a air mattress....So the bed would not always be there....This is what we came up with...It's built in three sections...So it can be taken down and carried out....It's tall enough so that I didn't lose any of my storage...And there is enough room for a queen size air mattress with enough room for someone to stay comfortably....I can't tell you hove excited I am to be back racing slot cars...They are not the same as back in the day when I was a kid...They are much cooler now...The plan to to do update videos as I progress through building my own private raceway...Going to be very cool...Check it out!!!
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