ScottieDTV's Slots for Tots

ScottieDTV is proud to announce Slots for Tots, a unique fundraiser to benefit organizations like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which help so many children in need of medical attention that cannot be found through normal channels.

This all-new endeavor to raise funds will be through the auctioning of customized one-of-a-kind slot cars. Most, if not all, of us gearheads have owned or still own slot cars and slot car tracks. The slot cars of today are nothing like those from decades past. These new cars are set up with digital technology that allows them to have a working lighting system and a greater amount of intelligence on the tracks.

For this first auction, ScottieDTV has teamed up with and Hudsons Rod and Customs to offer a fully customized Ford Torino that will be designed using an artist rendering by Eric Brockmyer, which will also go along with the car to the highest bidder. This unique-finished slot car will still function as it was originally was designed but will be more of a collector item like many die cast cars have become. ScottieDTV will have this one-of-a-kind slot car on display at several car shows, the official ScottieDTV Facebook page and on leading up to the time of the auction.

Future plans by ScottieDTV call for additional slot cars from to be customized by other well-known builders and shops from around the country, each one putting their own unique looks into the project. Each one of these slot cars donated by will be auctioned off with the funds benefiting organizations like St. Jude that take care of those young ones so near and dear to our hearts that need help.

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