ScottieDTV You Can't Cancel Cool 2020 Road Tour

In this video from the ScottieDTV International Headquarters I go over My plans to do a road tour for the summer of 2020...I started the year out looking forward to another great year for ScottieDTV...It should have been the biggest year yet!...But just after I got back from the 2020 Detroit Autorama the world closed due to COVID-19...When it first happened I didn't think they would really close the world down!?!? and that it would be a welcome break before the 2020 outdoor car show season kicked off. Here it is over 3 months later and although the world is beginning to open up again...It is slow going and events that attract large crowds could be several months off from happening again...I have to have content or I go out of business....So ScottieDTV is going to hit the road this summer and embark on the You Can't Cancel Cool 2020 Road Tour....I don't have all the details worked out...But it's going to happen....I cover a few of the stops that I have already set up in this video...Give You details on where You can get more information and a chance to send in Your ride for a chance to be on ScottieDTV...You never know this may work out good for You??...I hope to make some new friends... Shoot some cool vehicles and keep the dream of custom cars and trucks alive until we can get back to normal...With all those shows that were canceled due to COVID-19 my revenue is way down this year...If You can help with a little gas money...Maybe buy a couple of meals...Cover a night in a hotel...Please donate at PayPal.Me/ScottieDTV ...Thanks in advance and I hope to see ya on the road!!
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