ScottieDTV SSUV Update 100 Million Views on ScottieDTV YouTube Channel

Just a quick update on the ScottieDTV SSUV a 2005 GMC Yukon Denali...The 6.0 L engine has been removed and sent to RM Motor Werks so that it can be gone through and brought up to spec for the the twin turbo install...Big Oak Garage has done some fabrication work extending the rockers...Very cool touch....They have also done a lot of work that is hard to see...Fuel system install
they have lowered the suspension....Replaced the shocks ,Changed out the heater core...And several other maintenance issues that needed to be addressed....They also have painted all the plastic interior pieces to match the new custom interior that Pro Auto Custom Interiors is getting ready to install...The wheels are in...We will be running 22"...Still waiting on tires....Headlights....Taillights and a few other small details..Also Nate with IVS Wraps came down to Big Oak Garage and applied the vinyl wrap...Man that turned out awesome...I'm sure your going to love it...I know I do...
This project is turning out cooler than any of us ever could have dreamed ...I mean we set out to build something that would get some attention...But with the help of some very generous companies...It's going to be BAD A** for sure...Stick around I can't wait for you to see it done...Make plans now to attend the ScottieDTV Dirty Dozen at the 2019 Pigeon Forge Rod Run where we plan on unavailing it to the world..,,Check it out!!
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