ScottieDTV SSUV Twin Turbo AWD 2005 GMC Yukon Denali Unveil 2019 Pigeon Forge Rod Run

Late 2018 Jimmy and Will Posey and Myself were cruising around the Pigeon Forge Rod Run when I pitched a hot rod SUV idea I had... I needed something bigger than the 2008 Mustang I have been using but I wanted something cool...and it had to be as custom as I could afford...I mean I wasn't talking about the soccer taxi you see running around town...They thought it was a cool idea...and the ScottieDTV SSUV project was hatched....We pitched the idea to anyone we thought would be able to help us build the ultimate Hot Rod chaser...I'm very blessed and we were able to get help from several great companies...Without them...This would have never happened...It came from GM with the truck version of the LS6 a 6.0lt V-8 that RM Motor werks rebuilt it from the block up and added twin turbos....HP numbers to be determined....Stick around
Pro Auto Custom Interiors installed a completely custom interior using Moore & Giles leather...Sherwood Innovations carbon fiber kit for the interior trim.....Hushmat to keep it quite as a library inside.... Auto Custom Carpets supplied a completely new carpet kit that laid in like it was factory...Nate at IVS Wraps laid down some sick vinyl on the body...Daniel over at Maffett Motorwerks gave us a drawing of our vision so everyone could stay on the same page... Zycoat provided some of their thermal coating to keep the turbos cool..In this video Will from Big Oak Garage the shop that headed up this dream of mine...If it had to be done and no one else signed up to do it!?!..Big Oak Garage made it happen....I hope I have not forgot anyone...I'm so blessed to have the support that I do...Thanks so much to everyone that makes it happen...I will have a more in-depth feature on the SSUV in the next couple of weeks...
Stick around..Until then...Check out the Unveil from the ScottieDTV Dirty Dozen part of the 2019 Pigeon Forge Rod Run...Thank you!!
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