Radio Flyer Trike Twin Turbo 383 Stroker 2019 McPherson College Motoring Festival

Check out this custom trike bike that I came across at the 2019 McPherson College Motoring Festival...This custom creation started as a bit of a science project..The builder wanted to see if they could make the motor and transmission a load bearing structure in a vehicle....And of course while they were at it..Why not make it perform as well and over the top cool...It is powered by a twin turbo 383 stroker motor...That will get you from 0-100 in 3 seconds!??! It's covered in a maroon color...That works for Me...Corvette rear wheels with a spoked front wheel...Tons of custom details...This twin turbo trike bike from the 2019 McPherson College Motoring Festival is one that you will not soon forget...Very cool for sure..Check it out!!
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