A customer of ours recently informed us of a novel way that he attaches his arm restraints by sewing them to the waist straps of his seatbelt restraint system. He stated it was more convenient since they were already attached to the waist straps and ready to slip over his arms without having to independently guide the steel loops over the waist restraint attachment tabs.

WRONG!!! DO NOT ATTACH ARM RESTRAINTS TO ANYTHING IN THE VEHICLE! In an emergency, after unlocking your seatbelt restraint, you will still be unable to exit the vehicle until you slip off each arm restraint. These precious few seconds could literally be the difference between life and death. When properly installed, once the seatbelt restraint is released, so are the arm restraints and you are instantly free to exit the vehicle.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the installation and operation of all safety equipment. Your life depends on it!



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