The only billet water pump to flow 37 gallons per minute AND draw only 4 amps!


Available for Big Block Chevy, Small Block Chevy, Small Block Ford, Ford 4.6L/5.4L and Remote Mount. These water pumps have been designed with uncompromising quality and reliability in mind. No rubber impeller or tiny 1/4” diameter shaft seals in our pumps.


You will find that each main body is designed specifically for the engine application that it fits because we believe that adapters should only be used as a last resort.


By far, the most popular of our pumps, traditional Big Block Chevy is quickly establishing itself as THE pump of choice for a variety of pro and sportsman racers, as well as several pro street enthusiasts. Weighing in at a trim 5.5 pounds, there is not another billet pump than can even come close!


Sold complete with all the necessary stainless steel hardware.


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