Predator: 1968 Mercury Cougar Fastback Custom - 2024 Detroit Autorama Great Eight Winner

In this video from the 2024 Detroit Autorama I have the 2024 Great 8 winning 1968 Mercury Cougar Fastback built by JF Launier and company "Predator". The Fastback Ford Mustang was a huge hit back in the day and the Cougar was a hit for Mercury ...JF Launire wondered what combining the two would look like and at the 2024 Detroit Autorama He showed Us....Pretty cool, If I may say so myself!! It wasn't love at first sight...But after it started to soak in, I really started to dig it! This 1968 Mercury Cougar called Predator is covered in a custom mix green color with some gray stripes...The custom interior is something that was love at first sight..It's a color matched to the body, green leather, it's for sure custom, yet has ques that make it at home in a 1968 Mercury Cougar Fastback. Under the custom hood is a cleanly installed Jon Kaase Boss 529 hooked to a 5-speed manual transmission Obviously the underside of the Great Eight Winning 1968 Mercury Cougar Fastback "Predator" from the 2024 Detroit Autorama is just has impressive as the top of this car...Crazy cool for sure!! And all the latest technology!!...This one may have not won the Ridler Award....But it was a tight race for sure...The Great 8 winning 1968 Mercury Cougar Fastback "Predator" from the 2024 Detroit Autorama ....Check it out!!!

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