New Product Release: Radium Fuel Pulse Dampers

For several years we have been touting the benefits of a fuel pulse damper (FPD) in fuel injected systems. Formerly only seen on OEM fuel systems, Radium Engineering was the first to introduce the FPD to the high performance aftermarket. However, most OEM-level FPDs are not ideal for use in high performance, high pressure fuel systems.


An FPD is used in fuel injection systems to attenuate pressure pulsations generated by the fuel pump and by the injectors opening and closing. These hydraulic pulses can cause an undesirable noise, which can be transmitted to the passenger compartment (SAE J1862 10/15/2012). These pulsations are often undetectable with a liquid-filled analog mechanical fuel pressure gauge because they happen so quickly. The fuel pulse damper works by allowing the volume of the fuel system to change slightly to absorb the pulses. This is done with a spring loaded flexible diaphragm.


Not only do the pulsations have an undesirable effect on cabin NVH (noise vibration and harshness), they can also contribute to mysterious lean spots in fuel delivery. These are often the result of the hydraulic pulses acting in harmonic resonance with the injectors opening and closing. In some vehicles, these lean spots can result in stumbling during acceleration.


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