Mr. Junk Does It Again!

1930 Ford Model A Sedan
Article and photos by Larry Crain

Sometimes lightning does strike twice! It did for Mark Rinehart, AKA Mr. Junk, who has had, not one, but two vehicles in Scottie D’s Dirty Dozen at the Pigeon Forge Rod Run. The first-time lightning struck was when Mark had his kick-ass 1951 Chevy Deluxe Coupe invited to be part of Scottie D’s Dirty Dozen during the 2016 Spring Pigeon Forge Rod Run. The second time just took place at the 2017 Spring Pigeon Forge Rod Run when Mr. Junk debuted this 1930 Ford Model A Sedan rat rod.

Mark found this rat rod for sale on the internet while looking for his next project. The old Ford sedan was definitely a rat rod but more rat than rod because of its numerous issues that prevented it from being a driver, and Mark likes to drive his cars. Mark took the car apart and started from square one. The engine is now a running 600 horse powered 355 cubic Chevy backed up to a Turbo 400 transmission. The engine is equipped with aluminum heads, 2x4 Edelbrock carburetors sitting on a high-rise tunnel ram and some radical custom headers. The engine compartment is nothing but business, except for a laugh, like the coolant overflow bottle. If you’re looking for the radiator it’s mounted in the rear!

The chassis that this rat rod rides on is custom fabricated and has been set up with the 1930 Model A straight axel that is equipped with a single Goodyear Air Ride bag. The rear end is a Ford 9 inch set up with Goodyear Air Ride. This way cool rat rod rolls down the boulevard on Firestone cheater slicks mounted on 15x10 ET Team III wheels on the rear while the front are 15x6 ET Bracket wheels mounted with Firestones.

Mr. Junk made the body all his, which features a hard chop, no center section in the roof that is framed out in rough decking, the right amount of patina on the body, custom painted skulls on the doors and lots of brazing welds for that hard core look.

The interior of this rat rod features literally cow hide upholstery - hair and all! The custom seats are covered in real cowhide while brass was used for the door panels, some of the dash and other interior areas. Simplicity is the interior’s statement that sports a removable dragster steering wheel for easy entry, a B&M shifter and a set of AutoMeter gauges.

All in all, I would have to say Mark hit the nail on the head with this hammered rat rod that he brought all the way from Speedway (how appropriate), Indiana to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to show the people that Mr. Junk was here to stay.

By the way Mr. Junk is already working on his next project, and I have it from a very good source that it is going to be an old skool gasser that is going to leave you with your jaw on the ground!

Manufacturers and shops used in the build of this car.

  • AutoMeter
  • B&M
  • ET Wheels
  • Firestone
  • Goodyear Air Ride
  • Mr. Junk Hot Rods
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