How It's Made Copper Brass Radiator Brice Thomas Radiator

In this video I visit with Chris the plant manager of Brice Thomas Radiator...Brice Thomas Radiator is a supporter of ScottieDTV and I like to stop by and see what they are into and of course shoot a cool video when I can....On this day Chris and I were talking about how radiator technology has advanced but how there was still a need for the Copper Brass Radiator...He offered to show Me how Brice Thomas makes one of the best on the market...At Brice Thomas Radiator they start with Chopper and Brass flat materials and turn them into a major piece of a superior auto cooling system...It's a very interesting process and it's all done by hand and in the United States of America....That's right made right here in the good old USA....If you having cooling trouble with your hot rod...If you are restoring a classic vehicle and want to update it with out giving up that original look...If you have any machine that needs to be cooled...From a Hot Rod to a Semi Truck....You need to get with the good folks at Brice Thomas Radiator....Watch the masters at work as they build a Copper Brass Radiator right in front of your eyes...Very cool for sure...Check it out!!
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