The Grand National Roadster Show 2018 Walk-around Nothing But Cool

As the title states....Nothing but cool from the 2018 Grand National Roadster Show...This show has been going on for almost 70 years and is known for the America's Most Beautiful Roadster award but that is only a small number of the vehicles represented there..To say that cool is everywhere you look would be a understatement...
It's held in Southern California so they know cool on the West Cost.
There is a lot of ground to cover and way to many Classic Cars.and Trucks...Street Rods and Hot Rods...Pro Touring and Lowriders...
Street Machine and Pro Street...I mean it would take weeks to cover it all one by one..So I do shoot some feature of the stuff I find extra cool...But that leaves tons of stuff that all I can get is a quick walk by of...And even then I only can bring you a % of the cool stuff I found at the 2018 Grand National Roadster Show..I do the walking...Grab something cold to drink and let Me do the walking Way cool for sure...Check it out!!
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