Gold Rush in Pigeon Forge

Article and photos by Larry Crain

Well I bet the title of this article made you stop in your tracks and do a “what did that just say” look. Well there was a Gold Rush in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee this past September, and it was in the LeConte Event Center during The Fall Pigeon Forge Rod Run. This Gold Rush was the feature car for the show and drew quite a bit of attention during its three days on display.

Gold Rush is an awesome 1932 Ford Tudor sedan owned by Dr. David Floyd that was built by Big Oak Garage in Hoakes Bluff, Alabama. This great four wheel tribute to hot rodding rides on a custom chassis that is equipped with a triangulated four-link with a 9 inch Ford and a dropped hairpinned I-beam front axle. The right tire and wheel combination will make or break the look of a hot rod and the look is dead on for this car with it having an awesome stance from any angle.

The drive train is traditional old school Ford Y-block that is dressed in all the old favorites from the 3x2 intake to the Thunderbird valve covers and killer lake style headers that complete the look. The body has also been given the traditional hot rod look with a mild 1 ½ chop and retaining the black roof insert. The beautiful gold paint makes the chrome commercial headlights, taillights and other chrome just pop.

The interior is another head nod to the old time rods with simplicity being the key to the way it should look compared to the rest of the car. Traditional style interior in black leather bucket seats and panels, custom dash insert with all of the black/white gauges, column mounted tach and body color matched interior trim complete the look.

I have to give a huge thank you to Dr. David Floyd and Big Oak Garage for putting the car on display during the show and letting the public see that great traditional style hot rods are still being built.

If you did not see this way cool hot rod at the 2016 fall show and want to see or know more about it be sure to check out the ScottieDTV video on it.

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