GMC Syclone "LSA SYC" LSA Swap 2018 Auto Crusade Car Show

I have been a fan of the GMC Syclone pickup truck since they first hit the streets and when I first spotted this one at the 2018 Auto Crusade Car show I could tell it was well taken care of...Then where I expected to see a turbo six....Was a LSA!?!?!...Come on Man.!!?!?!....Then I met the young Man that owned it and He explained that the original motor was in bad shape when He acquired this GMC Syclone and that the motor swap was His best option at getting the Truck back on the road...And as you will see He did a very nice job with the install...Looks like it was born that way...It is still AWD and I was told it will break them all lose...The paint has been redone to a very high standard...The interior is still stock...As much as I like Pro Auto Custom Interior..That is the way I would have to leave it...Wheels and tires have been changed and though that is always a personal choice I have no problem with the ones it wears...This is one very nice GMC Syclone Street Truck from the 2018 Auto Crusade Car Show...Check it out!!!
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