Custom Ford Econoline Van 2019 SEMA Show

Check out this custom Ford Econoline van I found at the 2019 SEMA Show...I'm not sure what year it is..But I'm guessing a 60 something...I love when someone customizes something that is a little different and this Ford Econoline Van from the 2019 SEMA Show is different from any other I have found...Slammed to the ground and covered in silver paint with some really cool mechanical type graphics airbrushed on it...What body mods have been made I am unsure of but I'm pretty sure they didn't come from Ford with a Supercharged V-8 in them...The interior is very custom and looks to be built more for cool than comfort....But make no mistake...I would have no trouble driving this Ford Econoline Van from the 2019 SEMA Show...Hand Me the keys!!...This is a very over the top custom build.. Imagination run wild as they say and I am good with that...This is one very cool build and I am sure you will be blown away like I was...Check it out!!!
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