How a Custom Automotive Radiator is Made Brice Thomas Radiator Plant Tour

Brice Thomas Radiator is a supporter of ScottieDTV and when I stopped by to say hi a few weeks back..I had Chris the plant manger shown Me around the Brice Thomas Radiator Facility. Now Brice Thomas Radiator has been around since 1956....They are a leader in the Custom Car industry but they make radiators for a lot more than that...From Automobiles to Locomotives...Brice Thomas Radiator has you covered...If you need to keep something cool.... Brice Thomas Radiator is a good place to start...In this video Chris shows Me how they make a Automotive Radiator for a V-8 Chevrolet 1955-1957...It's a very cool process....Brice Thomas Radiator starts with raw materials and goes from there...I thought I new how a radiator worked...But after this tour I have a much better understanding...I'm sure you will enjoy this tour of Brice Thomas Radiator as we watch them make a radiator for a 1955. 1956, or 1957 Chevrolet as much as I did....Check it out!!!
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