Carrera Digital 132 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 Whelen Motorsports #31 Review

The Carrera Digital 132 Chevrolet Corvette Z/06 Whelen Motorsports #31....This car in real life has a impressive race history even winning a 24 Hr race back in 2015....The detail on the Carrera Digital 132 Corvette Z/O6 in incredible and you almost hate to race it and take the chance of tearing it up...Carrera help by making the most at risk parts detachable for such a occasion which is very cool of them...In this video I cover the unboxing .and a quick over view...Then it is out on ScottieDTV International Raceway for some hot laps and high speed testing...Very cool Car...See it in action and get ready to get one on order...Check it out!!!
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