Carrera Digital 132 Chevrolet Camaro Cop Car ScottieDTV International Raceway

In this video from the ScottieDTV International Raceway I review the Carrera Digital 132 Chevrolet Camaro Sheriff Car. I have to start out with a shout out to Carrera for the amount of detail they put into these little things...Everything is in proportion to the real car...The paint job is the correct black and white...It has working headlights....Taillights....Break lights and of course red and blue lights on the roof of the car...I cover a lot of cool car collections but there is no way I can afford a real one of My own....The Carrera 132 slot car set is the perfect size for Me....I can afford the cars...I have set up a decent size track in a second bedroom that doesn't get in the way....It's something I have messed with since I was a kid and I love it as much today as I did back then...If you're going to own a race track...Then You're going to need a little law and order around....This Carrera digital 132 Chevrolet Camaro is perfect for that job...It's not the fastest....Little top heavy...But it is fun to drive as you will see in the video...It's a good one to slide around the corners...The Chevrolet Camaro Cop Car is one cool Carrera Digital 132 slot car for sure...Check it out!!! Please make sure You Subscribe to this Channel and Visit for cool new Family Friendly 4K content every week!!! Coolest Cars On The Web!!! Part of how ScottieDTV can cover all this cool is with donations from the fans...If You are able to help with a little gas money...Maybe a few bucks for a hotel....Please donate at PayPal.Me/ScottieDTV Thanks in advance and please keep liking and sharing the videos...That helps to!!
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