65 Dart SL VS 65 Stock Dart

The Big Oak Garage's Green Dart is the epitome of subtle. Except for the searing green paint and the fact it was a “Great Eight” winner this year, the many, many body modifications are so well executed, only a Dart purist would recognize them. Virtually ever panel has been modified to create the unique, proportional car we see today. There are only 4 parts on the car that are stock: the door hinges! Here just a few of the changes than the Dodge factory never thought of:

  • the roof was wedge cut to create a subtle rake: 2 inches were taken from the front pillars while the rear pillars were left stock height
  • the body was actually shortened 2 inches behind the doors and then channeled 1.5” over a custom made chassis to significantly reduce the overall side profile versus the stock Dart's
  • the front wheel openings were moved forward 4 inches and raked forward 2 degrees
  • the front fenders were bulged to clear the big rims to allow a lock to lock turning radius without tire rub
  • the rear wheels openings were also raked forward 2 degrees
    the deck was lid shortened

a new hood skin was custom formed to clear the Magnacharger along with all new under hood sheet metal panels
here are some of the one-off components that complete its smooth attitude:

  • custom headlights
  • custom tail lights
  • custom grille
  • custom made front and rear bumpers
  • custom formed front valance and rear valances

Compare the pictures of the “Big Oak Dart” to the stock one and see if you can spot all the super trick modifications.

- Fat Jack -

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