2020 Detroit Autorama Walk Around Nothing But Cool

In this video I walk around the 2020 Detroit Autorama Detroit MI...I shot several features at this show but in this video I collected a bunch of quick clips of cool...The Detroit Autorama is a show I look forward to shooting every year and it has been going on for over 68 years. It's a big show to say the least and there is never enough time to shoot features on it all the cool things there... So I feel this is the best way to show you as much of the Detroit Autorama cool as I can...In this video there is something for everyone from old school cool to the new Chevrolet C8 Corvette...There are trucks and cars...Ford..Chevy and even some Mopar stuff throw in there for good measure....The 2020 Detroit Autorama was one of the last shows to be held before the COVID-19 lock down....So it's also cool to see a time before the world lost it's mind..I hope we can get back to normal soon...But until then I hope ScottieDTV videos can hold you over.. There is a bunch of cool in this video..Hope You enjoy it....Check it out!!
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