2020 America's Most Beautiful Roadster Contestants 2020 Grand National Roadster Show

In this video I do a quick walk around of the contestants competing for the 2020 America's Most Beautiful Roadster at the Grand National Roadster Show from Pomona California. The Grand National Roadster Show has been going on for over 70 years...And att one time it was known at the Oakland Roadster Show...One of the longest running car show in the world..The 2020 field was made up of some of the coolest Roadster Hot Rods you will find....These builds are not for the faint of heart some builds will exceed 1 million dollars...They are competing for one of the biggest trophy's awarded at any show and some cash...But what everyone really wants is the title...America's Most Beautiful Roadster!! Some of these builds have been in progress for multiple years and there is no effort or expense spared in trying to win the title America's Most Beautiful Roadster from the Grand National Roadster Show....The 2020 winner is a flamed 32 Ford that caught my eye as soon as it came off the trailer a very cool build for sure...If Your into old school roadsters or if you are just a fan of cool Old School Hot Rods...I think You Will enjoy this video...Check it out!!
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