2019 Summit Racing Equipment Atlanta Motorama Stage Time

The Summit Racing Equipment Atlanta Motorama is a event that I have been covering for a couple of years now and a event that has quickly become one of My favorites events to cover...Summit Racing Equipment and the Atlanta Motor Speedway got together a few years ago and set out to hold a event that people would travel from all over the world to attend. They wanted to create a Family Friendly event that would be not only a fun way to spend a weekend but a event that would be centered around Motor Vehicles of any kind and it would have something for everyone a event everyone would feel comfortable attending. They are well on their way to having achieved that goal...They are some of the most gracious host I deal with...One of the things that they do for Me is allow Me a little stage time...Time with my Friend and rockstar hype man Micheal Blair...They give Me time to tell everyone a little about Myself and what ScotiieDTV.com has been up to over the last year...I really appreciate this opportunity more than I can say...So on Thanksgiving when we stop to give thanks for all the good that has come our way over the last year ..I like to post the video from that day at the 2019 Summit Racing Atlanta Motorama...If you have not made plans to be at the 2020 Summit Atlanta Motorama then you need to..I'm sure it's going to be another great event...I appreciate you taking the time to let Me give thanks for all that I have...I am very blessed to be able to do the things I do!! And I really appreciate Your support!!
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