2019 SEMA Show ScottieDTV SSUV teaser

Beyond all odds...The ScottieDTV.com SSUV will be driven to the 2019 SEMA Show this is some of the first video footage of it running correctly...It had run before...But not for long and it was happy at all...It is now ecstatic and making good horse power on just 5 pounds of boost...The plan is to drive in convoy from Big Oak Garage in Hokes Bluff Alabama to Las Vegas Nevada to be displayed at the 2019 SEMA Show...It has been a adventure to get to this point the trip ahead is sure to be a fun one...We will be rolling with the Blow Mafia crew so we will be deep...Big Oak Garage is hauling the Rocket Wheels Camaro and Garret's Rod Shop 1968 Plymouth Barracuda out there also Going to be a great trip and of course I will try to bring you along ..Or at least make you fell like You were there to....Check out the teaser video and follow the ScottieDTV Facebook page for updates on how things are going on the way to Vegas and SEMA 2019!!
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