2019 SEMA Show "Our SEMA Struggle" Two Weeks Turned Into one Long Day

If your around the custom car and truck industry for any time at all you will have heard hot rod shops talk about the SEMA Struggle or the Detroit Crunch....These terms refer to time running out on a high profile project and the pressure felt by that...At the beginning of 2019 ScottieDTV announced it's biggest project in it's history....With the help of The Big Oak Garage and a bunch of others we were going to build a new chase vehicle for ScottieDTV....A 2005 GMC Yukon..We knew that it was going to be a challenge....But we thought we had the contacts to make it happen...Everything went fine until it came time to fire it up for it's unveil in April of 2019 at the Pigeon Forge Rod Run as part of the ScottieDTV Dirty Dozen....We were able to make it...But the truck was not running to it's potential...We had plans to do several big events with it over the summer....We missed all those...When we first started the project we didn't even consider that the plans we were making for The SEMA Show 2019 would be in jeopardy.....But two weeks before SEMA 2019 the ScottieDTV SSUV was still sick..And I was about to have to make some hard decisions...In this video...This is how the last two weeks went....To say it was a roller coaster would be a understatement....I won't say anymore...Except this was My 2019 SEMA Show Struggle....I wouldn't recommend to anyone....lol...One video note...I do a clip with Bradley Gray of The Blown Mafia in the cab of His Kenworth and I lose audio for a short time.. It does come back...Sorry was out of my control and not the worst thing that happen over that two weeks...😄😄😎...Check it out!!!
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