2019 SEMA Parade ScottieDTV Is Part Of The Show

In this video from the 2019 SEMA Show we are in the Parade line out of the event in Las Vegas NV.
Every year at the end of the week that is the SEMA Show all the vehicles that were part of the event line up and all drive out in a parade...The ScottieDTV SSUV was one of the custom vehicle the was displayed at the 2019 event...How cool is that!?!?.The SEMA Show parade is something everyone looks forward to and to be part of it was a BIG honor...It's amazing the crowd that gathers for the SEMA Show parade...You will see it from the front seat of the 2005 GMC Yukon ScottieDTV SSUV....We were in line with everything you can imagine...Sport cars...Supercars...Trucks of every size and shape...And the people the canyon of people was crazy...I have attended the SEMA Show for the past several years....I have always wondered what it was like driving out in something cool that was at the SEMA Show and all those people cheering and taking pictures...At the 2019 SEMA Show I was privileged to find out...And let Me tell You...It's every bit as cool as You would think....Check it out!!!
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