2019 Detroit Autorama Just Walkin Around

When I attend the Detroit Autorama I try to find the coolest stuff and shoot feature type videos on them...But there is always several things that are cool but for what ever reason I don't shoot a feature type video on Them...There is only so much time in a day....I also get invited to check out the basement where the hardcore hot rodders hang out with some hardcore hot rods and I always don't have the time get get down there...So in this video I kill two birds with one stone and hit the basement and show you some of the cool stuff that didn't make the feature list...The the Detroit Autorama 2019 was a great show as it always is...There was cool everywhere I looked....So set back...Get something cold to drink and let me do a little walking around for you at the 2019 Detroit Autorama...Check it out!!
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