2019 Auto Crusade Car Show General Show Coverage Golf Cart Ride

Check out this video I shot at the 2019 Auto Crusade Car Show....In this video I take a ride around the event on a golf cart....Riding on a Golf Cart gives Me the opportunity to cover the whole show in a short time...It's not a in depth look at any one vehicle but a quick look at most of the Vehicles that were registered for the 2019 Auto Crusade Car Show...In this video I think there is something for everyone...The Auto Crusade car show is a open show meaning that there is not age requirement...All brands are welcome...Cars one trucks....Custom stuff and restored to the way they came from factory....It is a family friendly event so there are things for the kids to do....There is also a autocross racing st this event....It's a great way to spend a Saturday and hang out with great people..If you missed the 2019 Auto Crusade make plans now to make the 2020 Auto Crusade Event...I know you will enjoy this event as much as I do...Check it out!!!
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