2018 SEMA Show Shelby Cobra Drift Show

The SEMA Show is a show like no other on earth...You will see every manufacturer of everything Vehicle related product made on the planet...There are companies from every nation showing their products...The SEMA Show is a place that companies have to work very hard to draw the attention of the attendees...At the 2018 SEMA Show one of the things that Ford Motor Company did was set up a exhibition area out in front of central hall Las Vegas convention center....Ford Motor Company does this every year and it's something that people really look forward to....This year as I was walking by there was a sound that was different from what I had been hearing coming from that area...On further inspection I found that they had put the Ford Mustangs and Ford Raptors up and gotten out some Shelby Cobras....427 Shelby Cobras just melting the rear tires....Very cool for sure...I thought it would be something followers of ScottieDTV might like to!?!?...So here ya go front and center for the Shelby Cobra Drift Show at the 2018 SEMA Show...Made Me smile...I'm sure it will you to...Check it out!!!
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