2018 SEMA Show Nothing But Bikes Motorcycles Scooters

The SEMA Show is notorious for having cool Cars, Trucks ,Bikes and everything that goes with them..In this video I highlight some of the Motorcycles that were at the 2018 SEMA Show...There were more scooters at the 2018 SEMA Show than I could shoot so I just highlighted the ones that caught my eye...There are all kinds of Motorcycles in this video all of them are custom in some way....
There are baggers... choppers...Big wheeled Bikes...Motorcycles of every style and size...The 2018 SRMA Show had some of the coolest motorcycles you will see out side of a custom bike show.
Although I don't shoot a lot of Motorcycle videos..I am a fan..and ride any chance I am given...I think you will find a few Motorcycles in this video you would be glad to ride...Check it out!!!
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