2018 Pigeon Forge Rod Run Drive Out spring

The drive out of the 2018 Pigeon Forge Rod Run...The Pigeon Forge Rod Run has been one of the must attend shows for many years....There are Hot Rods everywhere you look.....The Rod Run pretty much takes over Pigeon Forge Tn twice a year...One show is in the spring and one in the fall...With all that is going on outside....
There is even more cool stuff on the inside of the LeConte Center
The ScottieDTV.com Dirty Dozen is in the house during the spring show and another 30 or so other high end very cool cars and trucks are inside...It's just a great weekend and if you have not been...Put it on your bucket list for sure...But as they say...All good things must come to a end...But there is one more cool thing to catch at the end of the Pigeon Forge Rod Run...The drive out of all the stuff that was inside....A chance to see them move...Hear them run....After seeing them static all weekend....That's what this video is...I do the standing around and waiting as they all gather up their stuff and drive out the back door of the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge Tn...It's always worth the effort...So set back...Turn up the Surround Sound..Check it out!!
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